Sunday, November 22, 2009


Scripture and Prayer
1. Have you spent hours this week in quality, one-on-one time with God in Bible study and prayer?

Your Husband:
2. Respect: Have you spoken respectfully to your husband? Have you accepted your husband as he is and dwelt on his positive traits?
3. Submission: Have you cheerfully and fearlessly submitted to your husband while placing your trust in the Lord?
4. Usurping. Are you being careful not to usurp his God-given role of leadership and responsibility (even if he wants you to do so)?

5. Have you spent time with any material (books, TV, radio, etc.) or in any situation that could tempt you into the sin of sexual or emotional adultery?

Time with Kids
6. Have you spent hours of focused, uninterrupted time with your children where they could say: "I did (insert activity here) with my Mommy."
7. Have you spent dedicated time this week teaching your children about God?
a. Formal study
b. Teachable moments

Emotional Climate
8. Have you been impatient, intolerant, or angry with any members of your family, or others?
9. Did you kiss your husband and smile at him every day this week?

10. Integrity: Have any of your financial dealings lacked integrity or defrauded anyone (including the government or your husband) of something that is rightfully theirs?
11. Stewardship: Are your finances in good order? Is there balance in your spending (i.e., need vs. want)?

12. Have you used your God given resources (i.e., time, money, energy, emotions) wisely?

Your Witness
13. Your Walk: Do your actions glorify the Lord? Have you said, done, or worn anything that would have someone conclude that you do not have the Holy Spirit controlling your nature?
14. Evangelism: Were you available to be used by God to witness to someone who is suffering or seeking information about Jesus?
14. Have you prayed to God about the issues you are struggling with and given them over for Him to solve, or are you trying to solve them yourself?
15. Have you lied to us, to yourself, or to God in your answers to the above questions?

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